Gentleman start your engines…

Or in the case of the C-Max,

push a button and hear nothing but the radio and maybe the slight whine of the electric motor as I start out on the day.

So I’ve had the C-Max for a couple of months now, little over 5k miles, and in the beginning wondered if I would be happy with this car.  In my memory the first Ford was a 60ish T-Bird we had in the early 60’s and then Dad and I went to the Ford dealer in the Hinsdale, Il area to look at this new car call a Mustang. $2,000 to $3,000 and as we started to lean on the car next to the Mustang  to get a better look the salesman rushed over to make sure we didn’t touch that car.  You could bent or dent it too easily.  And it was $6000 if I remember, which for little 2 seater seem way too much for something so small.  We should have bought 2 of that Cobra and squirreled them away.  But we got our golden-colored Mustang and it was great fun.  Many, many Fords later, I’ll try to list all of them later, and I’m sitting in a new C-Max and wondering about how this Ford will do.

Perfect, no, but what car is and like any guy in the America I’ve had my share of cars.

With few suggestions and/or complaints, I really like what Ford has done with this car.  Looks so small when it is next to a van or SUV or even a mid-sized vehicle.  But get in and it is so roomy, lots of head room

, comfortable seating front and rear, great visibility all around, quite, great gas mileage – more on that later – did I mention the comfortable seats, plenty of room to store/stow ‘stuff’ and a killer sound system.  The car tracks nicely, won’t do the Indy 500 but you can push the C-Max around and with little complaint and stop quickly.  For a little bit the ‘rice burner’ next to you will wonder what happened as you leave them behind, ok maybe for that block between lights, but the kids in the car next to me had a big smile over it.

In short it is a fun car, practical, enough room for most things and great mileage.

Up front on the mileage flap and this just in over the wire.

I had Dad’s Fusion hybrid got 34 mpg overall and for everything that car had, very nice and comfy, thought that was great.  This C-Max is getting 38-40 and I’m not babying it at all.  I’ve seen between 40 and 50 mpg at 70/75 consistently and find I have all the pow

er I need to get around in the city or interstate.  That I’m not getting 47 mpg seems reasonable given HOW I DRIVE.  I’ve heard of people getting the 47 and better and I’m sure there are those getting less than me, it’s the way of anything.  The same computer, camera, home, range, TV, pants, anything works DIFFERENT for EVERYONE.

So now I have a C-Max and it is great for me, you have to see for yourself.

Got the Candy Blue color for a reason and that reason is why I got the C-Max in the first place.  Also must still have a bit WV in me cause I named the care Big Blue. You will never not find the car in any parking lot, trust me on this.  Great color!

In posts to come I will write about the little things that are nice and a couple of things that could a little bit better in my opinion only.

Go over the SYNC® with MyFord Touch® touch screen and voice commands that really are not that bad.  Remember, garbage in, garbage out for those of you from the early computer days.  Well we now have a built-in voice active computer in cars today and like any computer some people do just fine with them and some don’t.  it took me forever to understand when the car kept asking for street and state and I would tell it and get the same question again.  I think they build-in an attitude voice if you don’t get it in a couple of times.  Come to find out, if I had paid attention to the directions that I had to say state, city, street and fill in the blanks. Gee, it works correctly when you use it as directed.

More on that and what I’m using the car for later.

Hope you take the time to follow Big Blue around America and see how ‘he’ handles the trip.

© Ed Zirkle 2013
© Ed Zirkle 2013
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