The Why

Upfront I am not a reviewer of cars, just an owner of this one and a few in my past*.

I bought the C-Max after having spent some time in Dad’s Fusion Hybrid.  It was a 2010 model and very, very nice. Lots of room, great interior, moon roof – love to have that on a C-Max – and good MPG.

I was planning a photo shoot across US Rt 30 which turned into a trip around the US. About the same time Ford announced the C-Max and that it was built on the same chassis as the new Fusion and the same powertrain.  I really liked Dad’s Fusion and was not sure how I’d like the C-Max, but had a few good reasons to get one.

For the trip I wanted something that would get a good MPG, have room for the equipment, comfortable and an ease of usability.  I did my online research, couple of test drives and listened to the flap on over stated MPG.

The flat loading in the rear and the way the seats fold down are a plus for what I am doing. Although the C-Max may look small on the outside if feels very roomy on the inside. The driver’s seat can be placed in most any position and does not feel uncomfortable after sitting a long time.  Great radio and SiriusXM, large touch screen, nav system, heated seats, etc..

So seemed like it would be a great car to use for the trip and I could do it in 15 tanks of gas.

Future posts will look into pros and cons after having used the C-Max for a while.


*going to work on a list of past cars, will be a fun trip into the past…

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